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Creating That Ideal Eating Environment

This resource helps you to think about what the optimal conditions are for eating, and how you can create them.

What Relaxes Me

This resource helps you think about your sense and how you can use these to relax you.

Sensory Wellbeing Booklet

Combines basic information about the senses with tools to help patients explore their sensory preferences and strategies. Includes instructions for creating a sensory wellbeing box.

Sensory Wellbeing Workshop

Outlines instructions for running a one-off workshop designed to inform patients about their senses, and to explore strategies that might help their sensory wellbeing and self-regulation.

Sensory Measure

Brief screening measure designed to highlight if a patient experiences sensory differences that may need consideration in treatment.

My World

This resource allows people to explore how their autism impacts them day-to-day and helps them to recognise strengths.

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