Here you will find blogs written by lots of different people. Some of them are by the PEACE team, some from loved-ones, some from different clinicians and some from experts in the area. We hope whoever you are there is something here to meet your needs. We have tried to make that a bit easier by grouping articles together with hashtags. Not sure what you are looking for or just wanting to browse? Have a look at some of our suggested blogs below! Not found what you are looking for? Send us a message, we would love to hear your ideas.

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A healthy Mix of food and fluid

Why do we need food from all the food groups? And how much do we need?

Food Variety

How to increase variety in foods which may have been avoided.

Planning Eating

Here are some tips on how you can structure your daily eating, whilst still allowing for some flexibility


Examples of how three individuals challenged themselves with what or where they ate and how they did it.

The PEACE Menu

Why was there a need for this menu on our eating disorder service? What exactly is the menu and how is it used?

Development and Evaluation of the PEACE Menu

Read how the PEACE menu was developed and evaluated, and some of the lessons learned from implementation.

Supporting Eating Difficulties

Understand some of the additional barriers faced by autistic people with eating disorders when it comes to eating environments and some suggestions on how to tackle these.

Development of the PEACE care pathway for dietetics

This blog post aims to provide dietetics with a greater understanding of the development of the PEACE care pathway and how dieticians can support.