Thank you for attending the 2021 PEACE Pathway Conference and for your interest in our work!


All presentations from the conference are now available for download (please note that we are not able to share the case study presentation due to the included personal information). 


Recording of the conference will be available in 6 months on PEACE website. Please stay tuned.


Our PEACE conference from last year focused on up-to-date research on autism and eating disorders and how this affects our work with patients, which is available online here:; This year the focus of the conference includes practical clinical recommendations and sharing experience gained by multidisciplinary team who are the key players in the implementation of PEACE pathway.


Download presentations:


  1. Professor Kate Tchanturia (Consultant Clinical Psychologist/ Principal Investigator of PEACE Pathway – King’s College London): Welcome – Link between Autism and Eating disorders, why it matters? –
  2. Kate Williams (Dietetic adviser to the PEACE project) presents on: Adapting Food Service to Support Treatment and Recovery
  3. Oyenike Oyeleye (Assistant Psychologist at inpatient national ED service SLAM) presents on: Practical, environmental and communication adaptations to becoming a more autism friendly service
  4. Dr. Amy Harrison (Senior Psychologist at SLAM/ Senior lecturer at UCL) presents on: Involving Carers and Supporters in the PEACE Pathway
  5. Jo Zhuo Li (PhD candidate/PEACE researcher) presents on: Existing literature on case studies of ED and autism treatment: 1980-2018
  6. Camilla Biggs and Anna Carr (Assistant Psychologists, national ED service SLAM) present on: Sensory workshops developed by the PEACE pathway
  7. Dr Claire Baillie (Senior Chartered Counselling Psychologist at SLaM) presents on: Sensory Workshops: An intervention which could help demystify the body?
  8. Madeleine Oakley (PEACE Carers Champion/Psychotherapist) presents on: Carers need support: Let’s Collaborate
  9. Danilen Nursigadoo (Family Therapist) and Cindy Toloza (Assistant Psychologist) presents on: Exploring identity in a group context

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