Whether you are an undergrad or post-doc we want to say: welcome and thank you! There is a lack of literature on autistic people with eating disorders and any research you are doing is contributing to such an important field. We know that this group do not respond as well to standard eating disorder treatment so we have to understand why that is and how we can improve service provision. Although this website is mainly aimed at those with the comorbidity, their loved ones and their clinicians, we hope you will find it useful too. We will be posting our research papers as well as psychoeducation around the comorbidity.

Science and Research

Having implemented the PEACE pathway across South London and Maudsley’s Eating Disorder services, we have developed a successful strategy to support those in need. These strategies have been evaluated and prove much more successful than ‘Treatment As Usual’ for this patient group.

Researcher Resources

We’ve gathered together everything you might need to further your research.


Have a read of our latest blog posts! Whether you want to read about someone’s experiences, learn more about the comorbidity or explore nutritional recommendations, we hope you will find something that meets your needs!

What is autism?

Information on what is autism and answers to other questions you might have about the neurodevelopmental condition.

Development of the PEACE care pathway for dietetics

This blog post aims to provide dietetics with a greater understanding of the development of the PEACE care pathway and how dieticians can support.

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