Communication Passport Information Sheet


The communication passport is a unique individual wellbeing record. Although the communication passport can support autistic people, in particular, it is designed for the use of all people who may require ongoing care and support. We understand that it could be difficult and tiring to keep those involved in your care updated. Therefore, the communication passport is intended to provide healthcare professionals with important information about you when they are assessing or treating you.


We have developed two versions a one-page version and an extended ‘Wellbeing Communication Passport’ (see images of front pages below). All patients have a choice on what version they want to fill in. Patients are also reminded that although it will be great if they fill in all sections, this is not a must and it is optional to fill in the sections.

The communication passport should stay with the patient and if possible, staff should ensure that an electronic copy is uploaded on the IT system they use, and a hard copy is kept in the nursing office. Patients can review or change their goals or any section whenever they want but please consider sending the updated versions to those involved in your care.


If you require any assistance with the communication passport or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the PEACE team.

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