Communication especially with the eating has been exceptionally hard.


The battles against the eating disorder demon trying to manipulate us and control us has led us many times to becoming anorexia martyrs and sending us into Jellyfish mode.


How do we make it aware that we know the food isn’t being eaten and the exercise has increased?


The old routines were creeping up fast and furious, the scales in constant use and we were once again afraid to enter the Kitchen at specific times. Any conversations we tried to instigate were shot down immediately if the subject was not in the comfort zone.


We are not stupid, the weight was not changing even going down but fear of confrontation and the subsequent consequences were just too much.


At the weekly menu discussion we decided we could not go on as we were, anorexia was taking over more and more and the tunnel was getting darker with no end. We took the bull by the horns and rightly or wrongly we let all our concerns out, making sure we could back everything we said up with some sort of evidence so as not to come across as accusing. First came the look of shock, then the look of hurt and anger, but at no time came the denial.  The conversation then continued rationally, with the request that in future concerns were raised at the time and not all at once. We agreed but pointed out that in the past we had tried but been shut down.


The result – More effort, more openness and honesty, reduced exercise and for us being allowed back into the kitchen = A happier home and hope.

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